A prime example of Edtech initiatives of EQuest is iSMART EdTech which includes the ecosystem of iSMART Education, the 789.vn Smart School and the International Talent Development Academy (iTD Academy).

iSMART’s mission is to teach English through Math and Science, backed by technology solutions to digitize teaching materials and online learning platforms and applications. iSMART is the only program of its kind in Vietnam to be accredited by the Ho Chi Minh City Institute of Education Research (IER). This English teaching initiative is currently implemented at nearly 400 primary and secondary schools across the country.

Along with that, iSMART Education also provides technology solutions and products for education and management. All iSMART products maintain strict adherence to the framework set by the Ministry of Education and Training as well as international standards, aiming to take the lead in Vietnam’s education and compete in the global context.

The 789.vn Smart School is an Edtech solution for secondary and high school teachers and students. In 2020, 789.vn was chosen by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education of Training to execute the Cambridge Assessment of Foreign Language Proficiency for over 100,000 students. 789.vn is also a solution to offload manual tasks for teachers and students alike, allowing them to focus more on the actual processes of teaching and learning.

The International Talent Development Academy, or iTD Academy, is an institution for teacher training and English certification in line with international standards. iTD is now a representative of INTESOL Worldwide in Vietnam and the testing center of Cambridge, Pearson VUE.