EQuest proudly brings modern, professional and world-class university training programs to students. Member schools including Broward College Vietnam and Phu Xuan University offer a variety of training fields, with international standard teaching quality and considerable working opportunities after graduation.

EQuest’s university training system is relevant to the labor needs of society, including “hot” occupations such as information technology, economics and linguistics. All schools have highly qualified teaching staff trained and recognized by top universities in the world with modern and highly applicable teaching methods.

Particularly, the members’ training programs are also accredited by leading educational institutions in the UK and the US to offer valuable international degrees for students. EQuest’s mission is to equip students with knowledge, skills and attitudes to find the best job after graduation.

Regarding colleges and vocational schools, there are 3 member units, including American Polytechnic College (APC), Saigon Polytechnic College (SPC) and Hanoi College of Economics – Technology (HNET).

EQuest’s college and vocational education system offers diverse and qualified training programs as well as career opportunities for graduates. EQuest’s colleges and vocational schools provide a wide range of courses and programs, from economics, information technology, linguistics to design or medicine. These two members offer students enthusiastic teaching staff with pedagogical excellence and years of practical experience.

Students will learn theory in parallel with practice under advanced, applicability-focused programs that are integrated with company visits, job observation and internship in large businesses, contributing to employment and post-graduate education opportunities for students after completing the program.