EQuest Education Group is founded on 03 core principles, Innovation, Excellence, and Dedication, by a group of educators with background from the best education systems in the world such as the U.S., the U.K., Germary, and Australia.

EQuest is currently one of the largest private education institutions in Vietnam with more than 362,000 students enrolled annually in our member schools, including K-12 schools, universities and vocational institutions, foreign language schools, as well as various Edtech platforms.

Since June 2022, EQuest and its member institutions, K12 and ESL&EdTech, are accredited by NCA CASI, NWAC, SACA CASI, accreditation divisions of Cognia (USA).

We commit to strengthening Vietnamese students’ competitiveness level and investing in the development of Vietnamese human capital. This is achieved by means of academic programs of international standards that guarantee a comprehensive educational foundation for students.

EQuest considers our people the most valuable asset and deciding factor in our organizational growth. We always welcome passionate candidates who wish to work in a professional and dynamic environment.

Talent Management is one of EQuest’s key strategies. We believe that an organization or a nation prospers only with effective talent utilization. It is impossible to compete internationally when our most talented individuals are idle as they wait for appointments or apply for jobs. Thus, we proactively seek and recruit talents and create favorable conditions to realize their full potentials.

With “The Quest for Excellence” as the motto, all EQuesters are encouraged and supported to participate in professional development training. We focus our talent development efforts, especially on implementing online and offsite training and seminars on a regular basis. In addition, our internal platform is utilized as a forum to share news updates, experiences, tips, or inspiring messages. All contents go through a rigorous curation and selection process to ensure both professional growth and wellbeing for each and every EQuester. With our aforementioned internal training practices, we hope to contribute to Vietnam’s elevation of human capital quality.