EQuest Education Group completes investment in Hanoi Star Education System

[June 28, 2023] EQuest Education Group has announced the completion of the Group’s investment in the Hanoi Star Education System after nearly 2 years of collaboration. With this investment, EQuest will become a strategic investor and the largest shareholder.

The signing ceremony between the founder of EQuest Education Group and Ms. Pham Bich Nga – Founder of Hanoi Star System

The Hanoi Star Education System, established in 2010, has consistently been listed among the top-performing schools in the northern region and ranked within the top 5 schools for the 10th-grade entrance examination in Hanoi. The students of the school have achieved 16,995 domestic and international awards, with many students becoming laureates and top scorers in specialized school entrance exams. In 2020, Hanoi Star Education System was approved by the Hanoi People’s Committee as a high-quality school model and received commendations from the Ministry of Education and Training.

Mr. Truong Hoang Nam, the representative of investor EQuest and Chairman of Hanoi Star Education System, shared, “We highly value and uphold the good values and dedication of the founder, Ms. Pham Bich Nga, the board of directors, teachers, and staff of the school. With strong support from KKR, one of the world’s largest investment corporations, and the management experience of EQuest, which operates a network of 11 international and bilingual schools in Vietnam, we believe that we will accompany Hanoi Star Education System in becoming one of the leading high-quality schools in the northern region.”

Mr. Hoang Nam also added that the transition has received support and collaboration from the founder, the board of directors, and the executive committee, who play important roles in ensuring academic quality, as well as the attention and support from parents and students.

Ms. Pham Bich Nga – Founder of Hanoi Star System and Mr. Truong Hoang Nam – Chairman of Hanoi Star System at Campus 2

In addition to inheriting and developing the foundations and core values of the Elementary and Middle School programs successfully implemented at Campus 1, the Hanoi Star Education System will implement the High School program at Campus 2, led by Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Anh as the Principal. Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Anh has over 10 years of experience as the Principal of Nguyen Tat Thanh High School, a highly competitive public school in Hanoi, affiliated with Hanoi National University of Education.

As the first private education organization in Vietnam to achieve comprehensive accreditation from Cognia, an international accreditation organization, EQuest prioritizes supporting the Hanoi Star Education System in participating in Cognia accreditation to standardize the quality assurance process of teaching and learning according to international standards and provide professional and consistent operational services throughout the system.

From the right corner: Mr. Chee Wei Wong – Member of the Board of Directors of EQuest, representative of KKR Investment Fund; Ms. Pham Bich Nga – Founder of Hanoi Star System (In the middle); Dr. Nguyen Quoc Toan – Chairman, and CEO of EQuest Education Group; Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Trang – Principal of Hanoi Star System Campus 1

EQuest will also play a key role in supporting the Hanoi Star Education System in implementing digital transformation strategies. Leveraging EQuest’s strengths in technology and innovation, this transformation will build and train students with 21st-century skills and foster a dynamic learning environment.

Mr. George Aitken – Member of the Board of Directors of EQuest, representative of KKR Investment Fund and Ms. Pham Bich Nga – Founder of Hanoi Star System

With investment resources from EQuest through the support of the KKR fund, the Hanoi Star Education System will have two campuses to meet the increasing demand for learning from students and parents. This is part of EQuest’s commitment to providing a high-quality, internationally standardized, and cohesive learning environment for students in the system.