Alpha School

EQuest has been incorporating accredited international education programs into the curriculum of our member K-12 schools, for example the use of iSMART’s digital lessons in teaching and learning English through Math and Science subjects. Students of our member schools benefit from a combination between programs by the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam (MOET) and programs that are internationally accredited.

While making a moderate investment in infrastructure, EQuest focuses on building smart schools that run on Information Technology platforms, using advanced applications in financial, administrative, event and teacher-student management.

We are proud to grant our students the advantages from our wide network of domestic and international partnerships, ensuring their ability to study abroad with scholarships or study in international universities and departments in Vietnam. Students of our K-12 programs enjoy the privilege of prioritized acceptance to our member institutions including Broward College Vietnam, Phu Xuan University, American Polytechnic College, Saigon Polytechnic College and Hanoi College of Economics and Technology.

Since June 2022, our K-12 members are accredited by NCA CASI, NWAC, SACA CASI, accreditation divisions of Cognia (USA).