Core Values – LEADS

  • Learning: At EQuest, we cherish and champion the eagerness to acquire knowledge and skills. Learning enables growth, and thus is the principal value at the heart of all EQuesters.
  • Excellence: Achieving excellence is our guiding principle. We always strive for the highest possible personal and professional standards in our fields.
  • Action: Poor implementation capability is the biggest hurdle to success. At EQuest, we maintain and foster a culture of thoroughness and walk-the-talk.
  • Dedication: We deeply believe in the value of what we do, and thus, we work with passion and devotedness towards our shared mission.
  • Scalability: We aim for sustainable and far-reaching social impacts, which can only be realized by the radical pursuit of scalable business models that cater to the mass.

Corporate Culture

EQuest gathers outstanding Vietnamese nationals as well as international colleagues. They are talented, bold, progressive, growth-oriented, and disciplined individuals who dedicate wholeheartedly to our common goals.

At EQuest, there is no place for a silo mentality and rigid hierarchy. Each and every individual is respected and listened to. We nurture a work environment that is welcoming, fair, unimposing, and respectful of differences.

We value responsibility, initiative, and effective delegation that enable EQuesters to realize their leadership and management potentials. EQuesters are doers. They are unafraid of making mistakes, bold in execution, and aiming for nothing less than the best and most sustainable results.

We are humane and ethical. We commit to building an organization where everyone is happy and devoted, where each day is filled with new inspirations and positive energy that fuel our journey to conquer new heights.