EQuest Group was founded on the principles of innovation, eminence and dedication by educators cum alumni from the US, UK, Australia and Germany.

Currently, EQuest is one of the largest private educational institutions in Vietnam with more than 80,000 students enrolled each year in 16 member units, including universities, colleges, vocational schools, high schools, foreign language schools and education technology platforms.

Through international standard training programs, we are committed to strengthening the competitiveness of Vietnamese students by investing in a comprehensive educational platform and human resources.


The core value is LEADS – acronym for:

  • Learning: EQuest always treasures and praises the willingness to learn new knowledge and skills. Learning is the most important value of the EQuest team, helping us grow and improve every day.
  • Excellence: Achieving excellence at work has always been our guideline. We always strive for the best in our work to stay ahead of the game.
  • Action: The biggest obstacle to success is poor implementation. EQuest maintains and constantly develops a culture of executing tasks promptly and thoroughly, as well as staying true to our word.
  • Dedication: We strongly believe in the values of what we do. Thus, we always work with overflowing passion and dedication to reach the common goal.
  • Scalability: What we have been and will be implementing must exert perceivable impacts, make long-term contributions to the community – society and most importantly, can be expanded to benefit more people.