The Canadian International School System becomes a Green School

In response to the program “Green School 2022 – 2023” launched and promoted by the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City, the Canadian International School System (CISS – including CIS, BCIS, AES, and CVK schools) proudly announces that these schools in the system will become true green schools!

To achieve this “green” goal, schools in the CISS system plan to implement a series of specific activities and solutions, including:

  1. Energy efficiency: Implement energy-saving measures, install renewable energy systems, and promote responsible energy consumption (CISS has installed a solar roof system);
  2. Waste management: Implement recycling programs, composting (organic), reduce single-use plastics (water bottles, plastic bags, etc.), and encourage reducing solid waste;
  3. Waste sorting in each class and public areas in schools;
  4. Water conservation: Install water-saving devices, promote responsible water use, and use water collection systems;
  5. Green gardens: CIS, BCIS, AES, and CVK will build school garden areas;
  6. Green education: Integrate sustainability into the curriculum, attract students to participate in environmental projects (inside and outside the school), and promote ecological clubs.

In addition to promoting educational quality, recruiting excellent students, and implementing top-notch sports programs, we believe that the most important thing is that CISS students will learn about maintaining the sustainability of the green environment, adapting to climate change, and directly and actively contributing to a truly green world through “small people doing small things – according to their abilities.”

With the activities of the “Green School” project, we hope to inspire our students to become global citizens and outstanding environmental leaders in the future!


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